We are more than certain we caught the coronavirus at some point in February (my partner's coworker visited EU during the virus outbreak...and came to work sick...who knows!). We had no control of this, and responded the way we would to most flu viruses - with self isolation. I keep warring about where to share this because I am immune-compromised and so is my partner (severe asthma). It was a UNIQUE experience. We feel like we are walking around knowing the ending to the "movie of the decade" - it was a flu, we got better. If you are an asthmatic, make sure you have your medicines ready.

It felt almost like step throat initially - it appeared almost instantly for us:

Started in the throat, scratchy
Head aches, a few days in
Joint/Body pains, for two days or so
Fever, we experienced mildness here
Loss of appetite
Intense Cough/Congestion (only one of us had this)
Loss of smell AND taste for one week (this was the weirdest part. I ate spices in solution and could not feel them in my mouth. CRAZY, but temporary superpower)

We received no medical attention because it was not really in the news/Oregon yet.
We try to eat an organic and balanced diet. We used safe herbs/spices (immune regulating/supporting, cell protective, respiratory support, antivirals) and mycelium supplements the SECOND we suspected illness - timing was imperative. We also used ibuprofen and albuterol. Take what you will from that.