Start thinking about who the safe people are in your life and what their signals can be, what their messages can be. Make sure you're checking in with someone or someone is checking in with you. Have that signal set up so that if you can't call your safe person outside of the home, there is someone who can call.

I don't know the law in Oregon, typically, however, if there is a DV call to the police, the abuser needs to be taken from the home and if they are and you file a formal complaint against them (that's the key, an official complaint must be filed), they cannot return to the home. If your abuser is a police officer, your situation is going to much more dangerous and you are going to have to find a way out to a place of safety.

I worry about you and everyone in your situation (child and adult). It is an extremely dire situation. I grew up in a house of violence and fully understand the terror. My mother left her abuser, thankfully. And he (my step-father) was a minister, too. A fucking so-called man of god who would preach on Sundays and then go home and throw his wife down a flight of stairs. He continued to do both after my mother left him, but his third wife threw HIM down the stairs and he lived alone until he died after that.

The Governor lifting the order will not help, however. People will get sick and die. There is a very good reason this order has been put in place and it needs to remain in place.
A state of emergency has been declared by the federal government for Oregon and FEMA will be involved in trying to mitigate COVID-10 here.

Did you have any resources in place prior to COVID-19? Here are some I found just now. I truly hope you are able to find a safe place and get away from your abuser (or have your abuser removed).


Check out the map: states that are refusing to shelter in place are looking at hundreds of thousands of deaths.

The green states have shut down. Those orange and red states? They aren’t taking this pandemic seriously.


Christina Rae

You. ROCK.


Praying for your safety 🙏 Unfortunately it may be the safest to walk on eggshells and weather the storm. If you call the police and they don't show up due to being short-staffed you could end up in real trouble. Use this time to make a solid plan and be ready to bolt the second you get the green light. God bless you Sister and be safe.

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