The thing about boredom and time on one's hand in this day, aside from The Virus, but also with the Virus abound, is that the average AMERICAN will spend that time on Facebook or some other social media site.
Forget books, and writing.
Forget art, and creating.
Forget music, and playing.
Forget movies, and learning and being entertained.
Oh no you didn't, forget chores and cleaning too.
This could be argued for those who work, and clearly those that don't because in the latter nothing has changed for those routines.
Have we, the average person, lost any values of expanding our minds, learning something new, or doing something without the internet?
Don't bring up the subject of "getting stoned" and playing video games.
Or the person, bored, that has absolutely nothing else to do but will go to the grocery store because that was their social activity although there is a isolation lock down and deadly virus running rampant.
We are so needy constantly needing some form of entertainment because that is what we have become.