Let me give you a little window into the lives of the employees of that restaurant you can't live without. Every day, 10 of us show up to work praying that nobody came in contact with the virus overnight. If someone did catch it, we're all going to get it because our kitchen is the size of a hallway. Social distancing is a bad joke we tell each other with a shake in our voices because it's as impossible as hitting the Powerball for us. Then we get to spend all night dealing with your delivery drivers. Consider if you will the fact that these people have no boss. They have no co workers. There's no one to say, "you look sick. You should go home." People, one in five of these drivers walks in coughing and visibly feverish. Are you really moving your food to a plate and washing your hands before you eat? Did you order anything with uncooked produce on it? Congrats on your covid, Karen. Hope your cold Applebees/ Red Robin/ Olive Garden was worth it. Corporations won't shut down as long as you order from them, and we're tired of risking our lives for your soggy burger and fries. Make no mistake, we're not essential. We're expendable.