I, Anonymous Mar 30, 2020 at 3:22 pm



Obviously, this is all the Proof we need that Government don't Work and we need to all become the Rugged Individualists who will not stand for crap like Unemployment Benefits or Free Healthcare
unless it's for the Rich. Who DESERVE it.

Obviously, if they didn't (deserve
it) they would not BE Rich.


Apply online. You are not going to get through on the phone. And even going online it might take awhile since websites are crashing. When there are millions of people out of work, this is what is going to happen. Our society has chosen to use the unemployment system to pay people (instead of Europe, which is just paying people their wages as usual). Welcome to America. All lives are worthless and if you don't die (or live and lose everything you have) during this pandemic, well you'll just be so grateful to be alive to start over working for nothing to keep making sure the wealthy get wealthier.

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