I, Anonymous Mar 31, 2020 at 11:40 am



We're being Socially Engineered.

fb KNOWS how to punch our Buttons

Hell, they hired the best minds they
could in order to trap our own for
their own nefarious purposes:

Getting RICH off
YOUR Life.

If fb royally Fucks Up America
it is but a SMALL Price to pay
so that some may live like

Don't forget to Bow.

Just like
in them


Remember the basic rule: if you are not paying for a product, then you are the product. Facebook is not free because mark Zuckerberg loves you.


I got kicked off of Facebook for writing about racist white male terrorists (specifically Jeremy Christian and the murders he committed on the train in Portland). Don't miss it. I do, however, hate how they've made Instagram into FB 2.0. So much spam, weird issues with the feed. every loser in the world trying to message me and follow me. I will be forced off Instagram at some point (sooner rather than later). Then again Trump may have destroyed the entire county before then, so there's that.


@3 -- there's still Hope!


Meh, depends how you use it. If you train your mind to ignore the ads and manipulative questions, you can still use it to engage in meaningful productive conversations. Everyone uses it differently and I highly doubt that if Facebook disappeared altogether it would do anything to stop the centralization of global power.


Why is Facebook worse than watching TV?

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