Iā€™m sorry this happened to you. That really sucks. Hang in there.


Hear, hear! The first rule of grocery shopping is DO NOT BRING THE FAMILY, GO TO THE STORE ALONE. People are assholes and this is bringing out the worst in people. No one has any idea who people are shopping for and unless they have 15 packages of toilet paper in their cart and are snatching things out of old people's hands, LEAVE THEM ALONE. It really amazes me how much time people spend policing other people instead of minding their own fucking business. Non- pandemic times, people judge people if they use food stamps or are obese or have lots of kids or have a cart full of (insert whatever food item they find appalling here) >>> now during the pandemic everyone is so concerned with ONLY themselves that they are policing EVERYONE. Some people are hoarding and snatching things out of people's hands. Those people are OBVIOUS. Other people might be shopping for their elderly neighbors, their large family, their local food bank, to feed local kids who aren't eating or ANY OF A MILLION OTHER SCENARIOS. If people CARED more about other people and expressed more kindness and concern instead of self-absorbed self-interest, well, gee, we might not be in this current shit show at all!!!!


I hope you adopted those children.


Iā€™m sorry to hear this has happened to you. People need to mind their own business.


judgemental people suck


@3 They didn't mention it, so probably no. I would just go along with everyone and say, yeah, it's best not to judge. But of course it's also good not to expand the nuclear family, so, yeah. Judging is pretty natural, I mean some people could have been judging you for your outfit or something. Ha!

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