The majority of people in this country are entitled assholes who don't like being told what to do. They believe they can do what they want and being forced to do anything other than that is oppression. It is the ultimate privileged mentality. Why shouldn't they shop every day? They believe their personal needs are the only thing that matters. They are self-absorbed and simply do not give a fuck about anyone else. This is how Trump behaves. This is how people in our society behave.

ff and when they get sick they will be incredulous that it happened. And they are asymptomatic carriers of the virus and get others sick, they simply consider themselves special and everyone else unlucky. This society has bred a sickness that will either be forced out of it through devastating numbers of death and financial destruction OR those who survive will consider themselves the chose ones (as they always have) and everything currently wrong with our society will simply be amplified to an even more psychotic degree.


'Zactly Like Corona Virus
404 Trolls Infest Merc.

Details at 11.


OP, I understand.

I work in a hospital, typically it’s a pretty good job. I’m used to a certain quotient of patients treating me as expendable. But I enjoy my coworkers and the administration typically treats us well.

I’m not here to rant about pay or time off. But to ask for basic consideration from the general public. I understand people need medical attention, and I’m grateful to have a job. What I can’t stand is patients who utilize the ER as a routine care clinic for mundane issues.

Every shift I see patients who are doing the responsible thing. They've obviously tried OTCs for a couple weeks, have lists for the Provider and it’s only one person in such a potentially infectious environment.

Then there are the rest.

They seem oblivious to our current public health emergency, or they don’t care. Their trip is justified as something they “need” to do. They say casually they just had to get out of the house and get a prescription filled before their kid's birthday party, just to be safe. Every time I want to scream until they understand how selfish, thoughtless, and unacceptable their behavior is. How by coming in for that nonessential complaint they are putting countless others at risk.

I’m asking, please be one of the good ones. Don’t go to the hospital until you really, truly need to do so. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to be stuck home. We keep going to work because we understand we are needed (and in many cases have no other choice). And we’re grateful to get a paycheck and support our families.

That doesn’t change that we’re scared daily that you and your "scratchy throat" are going to make us sick. So please, if you or a loved one absolutely must be treated today, have a list, only send one person and practice social distancing to keep everyone safe.

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