A lot of us have been temporarily laid-off or furloughed. Looks like it was the right thing for the state to do. As such, we filed for unemployment as we are entitled to. The state's response has been dodgy at best. Relentless busy-signal (no queue!) when calling their provided phone number and for the second week, I have received a denial due to their assumption that I answered one of their outdated, ambiguous questions incorrectly. Something like, if you are temporarily laid-off and in contact with that employer, then yes, you are looking for work. I have received a denial letter that wants me to correspond via USPS. A further thought, if we were mandated not to work, then why was there a 'waiting week' during this unrivaled situation? I'm OK, I have savings. However, I know many that had a tough time paying their rent yesterday. We lost work on 3/16/20 and the state could not get a check to individuals by the 4/1/20. The state needs to get it together ASAP.

Food for thought - how many want the state to run their healthcare?