A big ole FU to the entire GOP, not just the nuts who voted for the insane, failed businessman in office, but to all the lifelong Republicans who voted for all the other Rs the last 50 years.
We wouldn't be here if not for all the Men with small dicks who voted against their own interests because they want to feel that cool piece of iron in their hands and make them feel like they are men. And fuck you to the media for normalizing the right ward march of the GOP as it went crazier and crazier the last fifty years.

They have proven that capitalism is a failed system, it is totally incompatible with Democracy.

Each one of the 100K-250K lives (or more) that will be lost in the next three months, and then the incalculable more who will die in the coming Winter will be on the heads of the never trumpers, the log cabin republicans, the blue collar workers who just wanted to shake up the system and mostly every fucking idiot who voted for Trump, or Walden, or McCain, or Bush (either of them), or Reagan or Cheney (both of them). You all suck, and you've doomed this country, but the long live the United Western States of America, it's on'y a matter of time now.