Hey grocery store essential workers. I hear you and I see you. I am thankful for you. Wondering why you see me in your store every couple of days? Well, I don’t have a car that I can stock with groceries. I’m either walking or I am riding the bus and I can’t very well stock up for this pandemic when sometimes (just like in Russia in 1983) I am having to hit several stores in order to eat. Yet certain coastal commenters who don’t live in Portland, and other workers seem to enjoy shredding people me and others on this forum because they see the same faces (or in the case of others, just joining In to be assholes) every couple of days and we aren’t mass shopping. I have two hands, I am disabled, I can only carry so much and I am tired from grocery shopping being a mission. I’m washing my hands, I am wearing masks that are reusable, carrying around hand sanitizer. Like you, I am trying to survive this. I am thankful for all of you. I really am. But what can I do? My caregiver can’t come help me. I can’t always afford food delivery. Maybe that person coming in for 3 things (like you) is working nearby. Chill out, you’re not the only people suffering through this.