I never shredded anyone for any such thing, so you can take me right out off your rant.


NOPE. There are people shopping every day because they are bored and because they want to have a morning bagel or a cupcake and that post about shoppers was not about this OP. Seeing the same able bodied ass hats in one's store every day doing a daily shop of whatever non-essential item they feel like picking up because they can is not the same as this person's situation. There's a difference. I realize it is beyond your or the poster here's ability to comprehend the difference, which is sad, but not my problem.

Disabled people, elderly people, poor people, and many other people have to shop when they can because of their circumstances, for all the reasons the OP listed here, because of lack of money, transportation, assistance, etc. etc. etc the list is long. Stores also have senior hours daily (or a few times a week depending on the store) specifically catering to the elderly and the disabled and the sick - all of whom are more vulnerable.

The post I responded to was:
Your cupcake is not essential and spoke directly to:
Those just grabbing their morning bagel, a magazine, a cupcake.
They say casually they just had to get out of the house or it’s so-and-so’s birthday, that they are just browsing.

The OP in that post stated:
Every time I want to scream until they understand how selfish, thoughtless, and unacceptable their behavior is. How by coming in for those couple nonessential items they are putting countless others at risk.

@2 I wrote and I quote:

The majority of people in this country are entitled assholes who don't like being told what to do. They believe they can do what they want and being forced to do anything other than that is oppression. It is the ultimate privileged mentality. Why shouldn't they shop every day? They believe their personal needs are the only thing that matters. They are self-absorbed and simply do not give a fuck about anyone else. This is how Trump behaves. This is how people in our society behave.


PS like 5 people read this column so it was clearly directed at me.


and yet you and the OP both directed your comments at me.


@7 Actually I'd pitch a column of my own to the Merc but they won't exist when this is all over and the few who post and read here (including myself) are all just pissing in the wind. So yeah, that's right.


Now that I see you've posted 3 comments total, yeah, troll, definitely.


PS like 5 people read this column so it was clearly directed at me.

6 people, like, now.
Clownfully amusing to find that your still... Oh, you know. An entitled asshole


@10 That's Ms. Entitled Asshole to you.


If you are paying close attention to the many assholes shopping, you are shopping way to often.

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