To every delivery service except one:
It’s gotta be tough being a delivery driver during the pandemic. I thoroughly appreciate how awesome you’re all being about exposure—both yours and mine. I see you ducking your head away from people who come too close; leaving packages on stoops and rapidly scurrying off; playing ding-dong-ditch all day; even walking the couple extra steps to leave a pizza on the table on my porch instead of the ground while I waved from the window, grateful to finally not be cooking dinner for the first time in weeks.
But to the one who knocked on my door so many times this morning that my housemate finally opened it: Please get a clue! Why are you insisting on handing packages to customers?? I get that corporate probably isn’t treating you well. They don’t seem like the most understanding folks. After all, their customer service rep victim blamed us when I called to suggest their driver might need pandemic training. I mean geesh! It was early and he didn’t know what to do. She knocked and knocked because she saw him sitting there. Waiting to be infected I guess.
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