Well dipshit, ya sure caused some fireworks here in the Hollywood District next to Firestone, on 52nd and Sandy at 2:45am. The power in my apartment flickered and a block away as I heard what I thought were two explosions. Then darkness. Outside it’s deathly quiet and pitch black in my courtyard. As I round the corner. I realized the first explosion wasn’t an explosion, it was your car crash into the utility pole, the second was your car exploding and up in flames. Power lines on the ground. You’re fucking lucky to be alive you piece of shit. “I’m gonna get blitzed and then drive home at 2:45am! No one’s out! It’ll be ok!” My neighbor found you and said he could smell how tanked you were several feet away. Proud of yourself bro? I hope you had a really fun night up until that point of impact, because this will be a night you won’t ever forget. The trip to the hospital will be your moments of freedom before your ass is hauled to jail. Fines. Medical bills. I really hope this bankrupts you, you careless prick!