I’m a military veteran who had multiple classes on chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons as most of us do in the military. I wore a hazmat suit and a respirator nearly every day for six years in my duty assignment. There were decontamination areas that were available to us and we were trained to use them. Following the military, I went on to work at a hospital and learn more about routes of transmission of viruses and bacteria.

The leadership I have seen from our government on educating the public about how to protect themselves has been terrible. Why, knowing that the main route of transmission for COVID-19 being droplets, has the government not recommended some sort of FACE MASK from the beginning? People are taking home food without doing decontamination in an area away from their food prep areas.

Our mental health is the other pandemic hidden within the government response. Unless we mass test the public and quarantine those people away from the general populace, maybe this wouldn’t have spread so rapidly. The numbers of confirmed cases are representative of proper data collection, and the actual numbers walking on the street are likely tenfold that number.

The CDC is telling people to take their temperature and isolate for 72 hours following a fever. HOW CAN WE IF WE DON”T HAVE ACCESS TO A THERMOMETER! They’ve been shipped to hospitals.

Let’s get those people mass tested! Let’s test for antibodies in order that we know they can donate plasma to help the people in the hospital! Let’s educate the public on droplet contamination, types of PPE, methods of safe use, and decontamination procedures (SUCH AS SHOWERING AND USING SOAP AND WATER OR ALCOHOL TO CLEAN GROCERIES).