To the persons that already don't work, and will never work, riding the system, fortunate, or entitled, I understand now the notion of "doing nothing." Nothing in a sense of work for money, or work for creative outlets, as well as participation and contributions to the world, city, state, or community, if even online or voluntary. Or I should just say the persons that stay home 99% more of their day and time than most of the rest of civilization, I get it now.
I can see how getting stoned and playing video games or plainly sedentary and watching TV can really be this conceding happiness. Where one would sit on the couch all day and all night, and the only "break" is the smoke break outside, not even a walk. I am not doing that though and I could never do that for even say a summer, or half of the year which is probably among average for many, but my staying home is doing my things which for me are still productive means for mental stimulation and physical exertion. I'm even excluding the internet because that is a huge avenue to waste, kill, and lose time, but feel like being productive even more excuse for the stay at homes to make videos and blog and feel important and connected.
Creative types know this even though there can be this idea of the activity being work, and that's the last thing I want to do in my free time is more work. There are many without any sort of hobby whatsoever and are absolutely content with staying at home. Now I get it in a sense, that I am completely content in staying at home surrounded with all these hobbies and projects that otherwise would be a life unfinished.