It will create fear, alarm, and paranoia.
Narcissistic creativity.
Complete contradiction and idiocracy.
To the guy in the back of the moving truck, shouting, playing songs every now and then, please go back home. All you're doing is forcing your shit on the neighborhood when personally, I don't care. If I cared, I would tune into your channel.
To all the live streams, watch parties, etc., if you're asking for donations, have some pride to make your backdrop appealing rather than sitting on the fucking couch, and put on some fucking clothes. Why the fuck would I want to donate to someone barely trying? It's your art, you pathetic disgrace to real artists and performers.
To all the people walking into grocery stores with the traditional dust mask. A dust mask is for particles as opposed to a vapor respirator which is used for vapors. Then it gets downright ridiculous. Some to the point of being a joke that is not funny yet the person is serious, or are they? Plastic bags, paper bags with holes for eyes, masks costumes, newspaper masks shaped like beaks, those plastic casings that blankets come in over the heads, birthday cone hats, thongs, bras, dish sponges covering the mouth, and full on garbage bag outfits from head to toe. Are these people serious? First, that offers no protection so is this supposed to be funny? Are you showing your ingenuity? And last, if you're being extremely cautious, are you taking off your clothes before going in your house, although, it's said, a virus cannot travel on garments? But this is still the same principle as your "costume." Last, I'm sure you're still wearing your fucking shoes in your house, you stupid idiots.
Have you sanitized your money and credit cards?