It seems the media has collectively decided not to publish images from the frontlines of the COVID19 pandemic. We hear tales of mass grave, bodies stacked in makeshift morgues and even left on the street of Italy for pickup. I understand these images are disturbing but there are many disturbing images. (Daily images of Trump for example. I’ll take a mass grave over that any day)

There’s is no better way to bring home the reality of this, to educate the public, especially the fucktards in the old Confederacy, than to show them. We saw the horrors of Vietnam and it influenced our withdrawal. (I was too young to see this)

Why is the media hiding the horrors of this all consuming crisis from the people. It’s irresponsible and bordering on unethical simply because it seems to be somewhat coordinated between outlets. None of them show the images. Imagine not publishing pic and vids from 9/11.

Where’s the First Amended hiding?