There are a few photos of the bodies piled up in the refrigerator trucks in NYC (taken by nurses, not media). But the media will never post what you're asking for - they learned their lesson with Vietnam to not show the people here the truth. Makes it so much easier to lie. That's why we never saw any of the bodies or bloodshed from any other war since then.

If any dead bodies are shown they are others (they dead Syrian children, the dead immigrant father and his child, the dead body of the "Boston Bomber" as warnings to others of this country's brutality and depraved indifference to life and/or how we dole out punishment to others).

9/11 had very few bodies, just everything ground into a pile of steel and dust. The news would not have shown the bodies anyway. The photo books of it show the people jumping from the windows, but not the dead splattered on the pavement. Or the clusters of firefighter bodies found underneath the rubble. The news showed, on a 24/7 loop, the planes flying into the buildings to make sure every person had that image seared into their minds until the end of time.

The witnesses of what is happening now are the people on the front line and they will be too traumatized or they will be dead when this over to be able to convey the horror of it to the people. The true horror will never be seen by the civilian population.

This country sanitizes everything. Trump trots out his PR crew every day and puffs up his chest and tells a bunch of lies and that is ALL we are going to get.


Those of us who were old enough to remember after 9/11, THERE WERE NO PICS of wounded and dead soldiers coming back. It was intentionally ordered by the White House to hide how many soldiers were dying for the illegal war Bush launched. This is nothing new. Press was forbidden from covering returning caskets. No honor for dead soldiers. It was disgusting.


I have no trouble finding well-documented reporting (yes, Toto -- pictures, too) about the COVID 19 pandemic.

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