I love how going to the grocery store seems like some mission of life or death. Watching some folks too, they seriously play the part. It's like Donkey Kong running rampant down the TP aisle. Clothing, shoes, and electronics are empty. Come on, guys and gals, you are not even close to being in a war in the desert.
I do and don't like seeing all the clerks picking their orders from online shopping. That I do believe will become a new normal. Saw that in Home Depot today. Home Depot shoppers were like soldiers. So funny.
I wonder if I was a mask wearer would I feel embarrassment? Or maybe I should be the one ashamed for not wearing any mask?
Sometimes I'll look at what I'm buying and feel embarrassed. I"m not sure why because I'm buying everything that is essential for me, mostly food. I've not bought one sanitizing product.
Well, carry on.