It started when I put on swim trunks over boxers. It took a while to figure out exactly what was wrong but at least I had some resolution to the problem. Then I looked out my window and was like, "WTF?". It was gorgeous outside! So now I'm in swim trunks and a t-shirt and it's maybe 10am. This is all so crazy yet my mind and body are still connected and there is a rational explanation for all that is. But then, I walk out the back door with my coffee in my summer clothes in actual warmish morning sun and as I am enjoying the sun bathing the yard and garden, I see a brighter yellow among the filtered sun under the large rhododendron. A white-hot band of light shining brighter than all the rest. I am drawn to this light. But when I get there I discover that it's a piece of plastic trash. A bleached-out sour cream lid, or something. I reach down to snatch up the trash and it is stuck to the ground. This is not a piece of wind blown trash, this is an old margarine container buried in my back yard. It's a something. I peeled off the top and there were remnants of bugs and spiders and a a thick rolled up piece of paper. I took it back to the sunny porch and carefully unrolled it. In side was a penny and a toothpick. On the paper scroll it said, "Elton John was here 1989"