As I was out walking my dog on my daily "let's just try to stay sane" walk, I was nearly knocked over by a young woman from Idaho. Naturally I made a face as I don't appreciate 1. almost being knocked over and 2. people riding on the sidewalk 3. making it impossible for me to keep a comfortable and safe bubble around myself. I guess she didn't like the face I made because she began to follow me, and harass me. Fat ass she called me. Yeah, I'm talking to you lady. She tells me she wants to talk to me and proceeds to enter my 6 foot bubble. I let her know I'm not interested and keep walking. She leaves, comes back (3x people) and continues to harass me attempting to get me into some kind of physical altercation. Finally I turn around and scream at her to fuck off, stop following me and leave me alone. She does.

Is it really that hard not to be a dick? What do they teach these kids in Idaho?

But also, stop riding your bike on the sidewalk you fucking assholes.