From what I’ve read, they were suppose to be hiding out in their police stations. I guess they’re getting bored like the rest of us.


Contest it.


Contest it, it has to be handled in court, won't be while this is happening and when it can finally be handled in court, cop won't show, you won't have to pay.


Great advice xina.

Insurance corps love and adore the flimsiest excuse (and this one'll have them salivating) to raise peep's rates (which is why they're always advertising -- it's a Capitalist Merry-go-round dream, the annual harvesting of the Citizenry) so expect the Double Whammy.

Or make the cop show up.


Hey @4 Oregon doesn't use a point system for tickets, and doesn't report to the Insurance companies violations, so your reasoning is out the window.

to OP, People are driving and speeding like mad these days, and as a person on a bike that is being put in danger by asshats like you, I say, enjoy your ticket and slow down,

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