You told your wife that it was a “project.” Maybe a “restoration” to turn it into a “classic”. Everyone needs a hobby, honey, you said. So you towed it home.

Well, it’s none of those. It’s a piece of junk car parked on the city streets. I’m talking to you on Duke and Flavel and Holgate and Woodstock. Neighborhoods that now look like Detroit ghettos. What makes you think you can clutter up the area with that shitmobile?
The city has a website to report abandoned cars. Very easy to use. Vehicles stored longer than 24 hours, not drivable, expired plates, etc, are in violation. Your “project” meets all those criteria. Plus it’s a fucking eyesore.
Everyone needs a hobby, and I have my clipboard. There’s nothing like seeing your POS junker tagged, ticketed and towed.