WE, the peoples, have spread this virus to cause global shut down, death, and alarm. Viruses spread because of laziness, ignorance, and negligent practices. Suddenly only now, washing hands and covering coughs have become important?
WE, the people, will continue to destroy this beautiful earth, nature, and ecosystem that is so precious. We are a wasteful society. We are an aloof and callous society.
Two movies, one about pandemics, filmed in 2007. It is exactly the movie of today.
The other about mass extinction filmed several years ago. Global warming has been happening for decades with many clear evidence and implementations to reduce, reuse, and recycle, but very little diligent practice from US. First signs of global warming go back to the 60's and before.
Here we have Easter. I never knew the significance of eggs as a kid. I just wanted candy.
All these days of light filled with gloom.
Strange to see the flowers bloom.
Happy Easter, not really.