To the entitled people like our friends, who decided to get 3 families together for a play date this weekend. To make things worse, all those parents are divorced so any vectors of possible transmission automatically go to the other parent when custody changes in a couple of days. Or our entitled cousins who decided to bring 2 of their adult children home for Easter. Now every possibility of infection each individual in these two parties in the last week just got a bunch of new transmission routes to infect others.
Thankfully most of us are doing the right thing, sacrificing. So the risks of your irresponsible behavior has a much lower chance of actual consequence. But if ANY of all the collective irresponsible activities (and I am sure there were thousands in the area this weekend) result in new infections, it prolongs this pandemic.
This irresponsibility is why we wonโ€™t have anything to do this summer. Nationwide, this irresponsibility will probably kill tens of thousands of people when all the risk of idiotic behavior is turned into actual infections and corresponding new infections. This irresponsibility is why peopleโ€™s finances will be ruined as businesses are forced to remain closed. This is why one of your favorite restaurants/theaters/stores will never reopen. This irresponsibility is why my mother-in-law, who moved in with us temporarily while she is downsizing, may be stuck in my house for months more.
Stop being fucking irresponsible for just a few weeks, so we can all get back to our lives.