I get that everyone is dealing differently with this but I've got a handful of friends that seem to think they're the exception when it comes to social distancing if they do things like maintain six feet in the presence of others or visit isolated places.

It's super frustrating to witness their social media posts about visiting their friends or going hiking. Staying six feet away from someone when you're at their house doesn't count!!! Driving through small towns and getting gas on your way to the mountains doesn't count!!! THROWING A HOUSE PARTY WITH LESS ATTENDEES DOESN'T COUNT!!! You're still stretching out the network of possible vectors.

I really wish they would take it more seriously but I also feel stuck in not wanting to criticize anyone during this difficult time (so of course I'm ranting about it anonymously online). Anyway, YES THE RULES DO APPLY TO YOU precious, so stay the fuck home!

Love ya fuckers!