Hey Portland Police-I saw your photo radar van set up today. Really great police work there. Click and the citizen pays.
Of course those citizens are trying to earn a living, trying to maybe get to work or the store or the doctor without catching the plague.
You boys, though, you can’t be bothered with even getting out of your car. Responding to calls? Breakins? Auto theft? Rampant drug use? Nope-too dangerous to get out of your car.
Nevermind that even in good times you don’t do those things. Nevermind that you have the best police gear money can buy but you always need “backup.” When was the last time anyone saw one cop arrest one person?
Funny but it’s not too dangerous for bus drivers and grocery clerks and nurses and cashiers and delivery people to go out in the world and face the public-the same public you’re supposed to serve. They do it without riot gear and weapons and instant communications and mace and batons and handcuffs and flak vests and all the other gear that you’re loaded with.
Mostly, the little people don’t have any “backup”.
But, by golly, good job with those speed traps.