It is no surprise that Ticketmaster did this. They settled their price gouging lawsuit with meaningless "free tickets" or "free shipping of tickets" to shows THEY picked, shows only at LIVE NATION venues (guess what thereare no LIVE NATION venues in Oregon) and made it all non-transferrable so those of us who might have been able to get a smidgeon back of what were robbed of by transferring tickets to shows to friends or family in other states couldn't. I spent more than a decade going to shows and spent who knows how much on Ticketmaster fees, having no other choice, and got bupkis from that settlement.

Ticketmaster isn't the only one price gouging, though. Leave it to Americans to make a crisis worse: from Amazon marketplace to hoarders like that guy in Kentucky who got busted to the guy in NY who got busted - any chance to make a buck off the misery of other human beings, Americans will jump at it. Hell, Trump and his cronies are raking in hundreds of billions of dollars on it.


I'm in the same boat. I feel like a lot of the promoters are making it as difficult as possible to get a refund. It's trash and frankly will make me less likely to purchase tickets in the future.,

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