Wow, what a great leader your guy is! What a role model! Stimulus checks will be delayed to hardworking Americans dealing with difficult situations, because Mr. Thin-Skin-Narcissistic-Egomaniac-Bully wants his name to be printed on the stimulus checks! What a gosh-darn hero! He wanted the governors to handle the tough responsibility of shutting down the states, but now he wants to get all the glory by reopening the country, because he has absolute power apparently! In all of his many appearances since the pandemic began, has he once stood at that podium and said condolences for the Americans who have lost their lives, and those who have lost family members and loved ones? No, he's too busy playing the victim and blaming everyone else for his failings and raving about his ratings like he's on a reality TV show instead of in the real world. He has no compassion and no moral code. What a beacon of leadership. Good luck in the election, Agent Orange!