I guess now is the time for individuals to profess their appreciation to grocery store employees, medical workers, and restaurants for being open as part of the essential business order. This is hardly a strict order anymore as non-essential businesses are considering themselves essential as "it's been so long," "I couldn't stay home anymore," "I'm bored." Mind you, these are the same people that will complain about working too much and needing vacation.
Sidetracked, but back to the individuals with utmost gratitude, making it publicly known how saintly and knightly their character is so they give thanks to these essential workers in a heartfelt post.
The point is as if on any other circumstance these "essentials" don't need a thanks and likely don't get a thanks. All my trips to the grocery store has shown me "unhappy" employees, some to the point of avoiding questions. I still don't hear any "thank yous" from any customer as I'm self checking out when that person just got help from the grocery clerk.
Or the one customer overly thankful that it is such a dramatic display of a soap opera.
Side note, I saw one individual check out buying only eggs. WTF! This selfish ass made a trip to the grocery store for only eggs?
I also saw an older man with clearly an older woman than he tagging along, clearly serving zero function and her pathetic invented face mask barely covering her mouth.