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@2 It's odd that they are doing that. They typically don't do that even for the most vile and vicious trolls. That being said: are you encouraging people to do dangerous things during this pandemic? Are you telling people to kill themselves? They are deleting comments left and right when normally they do not give AF how nasty or repugnant the commentary is.


obviously I meant @1


OP you are the one that clearly has no function


Everywhere in comment sections and sanctimonious editorials I see people ranting about people buying too much or too little. Finger pointing at people's "frivolous" purchases is kind of beside the point. I will say eggs could let them stay home for a week living on what they already have on hand, they're an ingredient in a lot of recipes, especially baked goods. I made a bunch of egg noodles for soup back in March, which added needed calories to my diet and is less tricky than baking bread (also has happened, ingredients already on hand). Hell, I went on my two-weeks (optimistically) supply run yesterday and saw someone picking up just a bottle of wine, I didn't judge. They were social distancing respectfully, which some people in the stores on the rare occasions I venture out most certainly are not.

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