I'm sick of privileged people (specifically white males who have never been assaulted) telling me they're not voting for Biden because they're taking the moral high ground. Not that I speak for rape survivors, but I am one and I still see who's the lesser of two evils. Maybe Trump being in office doesn't affect you but I haven't forgotten the horrible things that happened the last 4 years, and are continuing to happen. Sorry Portland dudes, but I'm not going to praise you as a hero for not voting. You're just another asshole I have to pick up the slack for. (See that? You're making a rape survivor vote for an accused rapist because you won't!) Maybe talk to women and consider what's best for us and best for the country before you make the decision for us. Maybe remember what happened less than 4 years ago when jaded Democrats refused to vote for Hillary. Pathetic. And don't give me the bullshit "our vote doesn't matter here anyway" because it does. It shows you fucking care about something. To me, there's nothing worse than not caring about all the people in this country who are suffering under a Trump presidency.

If you really care about women and are not just using Biden's accusation as a reason to not vote AGAIN, you can make a difference—we Dems need to flip the Senate and you can help. There are many amazing (and female!) candidates running for Senate in other states, and you can support their campaigns financially and by getting the word out.

Yeah Biden sucks. But fucking grow up. If he has an awesome VP and we have control of the House and Senate, a Biden presidency can accomplish so much more than Obama was able to.