Anyone is better than Trump. I certainly didn't want Biden (or Bernie either), but I sure as shit don't want this psychotic sociopath remaining "in office." He has not done his job since day one, has done nothing to uphold the oath he took, has robbed American taxpayers of hundreds of billions of dollars to enrich himself and his family, destroyed the country within and destroyed the country's relationships, worldwide. A dog that shits everywhere and bites everyone it comes in contact with would be a better president than Trump. Those nearly 45,000 votes that got him the EC and into the WH can easily be overcome this time. After all, all of the misogyny that prevented people from voting for Hillary (who still won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes) is out of the picture, Trump's already lost Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania are not far behind.

Anyone not voting Donald Trump out of office is a nihilist just like he and the rest of the current GOP "leadership" are and there is no end game to nihilism other than total and complete destruction.


you should read this terrific article by caitlin johnstone:


Exactly so! "Even I can tell who is the lesser of two evils here." I understand that one of Bernie's managers has announced that she will not vote for Biden because she thinks Biden's against Medicare for All. Does she think that the GOP is in favor of Medicare for All? Of course, Republicans are out to thwart the 70-year campaign to institute some kind of universal health care at all cost. Whom is the anti-Biden anti voter hurting with this bullshit? The rest of us, every time. Because the anti-voter loves chaos as much as the Trump voter loves it. The Supreme Court and the entire federally appointed courts are already ruined for the next 40 years, packed with psychos from the Federalist Society -- thanks! Hey, don't believe me -- Believe Kellyanne Conway's husband George; he's the Martha Mitchell (look it up) of this Republican fiasco, and he's not the only one who knows from close observation that Trump is fucking nuts and we are doomed. If you cannot see and support the lesser of two evils, your moral compass is broken.


"Yeah Biden sucks. But fucking grow up. If he has an awesome VP and we have control of the House and Senate, a Biden presidency can accomplish so much more than Obama was able to."


And with an Excellent Veep (Bingo)
Smokin' Joe can take all the naps he needs
just trot him out when it's time to sign and let
him Enjoy his Golden Years.

Let's Hope we "get to" Vote this fawking November.


Reality check -- a Biden presidency will accomplish nothing except getting rid of Trump. But all the major problems such as our health insurance crisis, unending bullshit wars, Wall Street parasites -- none of them will be dealt with. Our transformation into a third world banana republic will continue with the final result being another Trump being elected president four years from now. So fine, vote for Biden, but don't fool yourself as to what he is.


Not sure you can rape-guilt your way into making us vote for who you want us to. You cannot force us to choose between two evils. I didn't vote for any of the clowns they gave us last time and I'm not voting for them this time. We'll vote for whoever we want to be elected. Then you can go rape-guilt the rest of the country that voted for whoever you hate. You can't guilt me, I didn't vote for this current clown. I don't feel the least bit of guilt for bucking the two-party system and voting the way I want. You can't blame the clown's actions on the people that didn't vote for them.


You all do realize that in OR, it doesn't matter who you vote for in the general election, or if you vote at all, on the margin. Our Electoral College delegates will go to the Democrat, by a large margin. Obviously if a huge chunk of Democrats decided to go third party or not vote at all....and I mean huge chunk...... that could get dicey, but it would take an act of god for that to happen. That should make your decision on what to do much easier, and not keep some of you up at night for no reason.


"You can't blame the clown's actions on the people that didn't vote for them." We can and we will. Left-leaning non-voters are man-babies who expect to be politically coddled on every issue. Perfectionists about politics. Everyone else is putting on their big boy pants and trying to avoid environmental catastrophe and gross human rights violations by voting the insane chimpanzee out of the White House. We will mock non-voters to make examples of them.


Defeatism will get you nowhere. It takes continuous work and effort to improve democracy. Don't like the two party system? (i don't). Then vote for the candidates that aligns closer with your values while you continue to support your primary party.

Tired of a two party system? Support the Humanity First party. We need democracy dollars and ranked choice voting (and many other pieces of legislation) to help us get out of a two party system dominated by large individual donors and lobbyists. It can happen, but not without action.

Please wait...

and remember to be decent to everyone
all of the time.

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