Wow, I haven't left my house in 3 weeks, aside from walks. Last time I did 3 weeks ago, it was all quiet. Here's what my eyes saw today.
Long line outside of Trader Joes. Sorry, guys, I don't have that kind of time, even with all this time. I thought the point was "Stay at Home." I didn't look if Trader Joes has online ordering.
Folks are not social distancing. There were kids 1 feet from each other at Fred Meyer for what I gathered waiting for interviews.
Fred Meyer is hiring like crazy it appeared. I mean, that's where the jobs are now. Go get it. I never could dealing with customers.
I saw a boy and girl lip locked, full on making out in the dirt, near a bush, near a walking pathway. They're either homeless or this isn't allowed at home.
Folks are buying guns at the Sportsman store. That's great. I heard a conversation, man to a couple about man's girlfriend because the girl of the couple was buying a gun. Man said, "I told my girlfriend to do this," whatever 'this' was. He continued by saying she says "I don't need one, honey, I've got you." I'm sure this buying guns thing is nothing new on a normal day, but this has to be likely more heightened now. They talked about protection. I thought, what does that say that they think they need protection because of a pandemic? And protection from what, someone wants to break into their house steal some things so the answer is to shoot them? Or do they think people are going to start going crazy?
I think I'll stay home again.