there's a ton of songs going around about COVID19. it's supposed to be some kind of funny mockery, but I don't see it that way. these times are very upsetting and sad. so I don't get these songs trying to be funny. and why must the writing of these songs be funny, why can't it be sad or angry songs? some satire just sounds like desperate bad comedy.
because I think about tribute songs to dead people. those songs are nothing but heartfelt memories, longing, pain, and grief.
and if I have to watch another livestream that I don't understand and makes me want to kill myself how excruciating it is to watch, i'm going to throw my computer out the window.
why is your livestream 3 hours long anyway? who do you think is watching that whole time?
and if I have to read or now see another colossal novel about somebody's day, food that ties into some story about what someone said that relates to current events, or a past memory, I'm going to dump my computer in the toilet.