I get it. Kids are cute. But if you can’t teach your kid to stay the fuck away from people during these times in the real world, then stay the fuck home. Headphones, sunglasses, face mask, and gloves are a dead giveaway meaning “stay away from me”. You both thought it was cute when I was walking and your kid kept running up to me and tapping me on the leg. Then I laid it in you. The reason why I laid it into you was because I care about you and your family and everyone around me. What if I just got off the bus? Boom. Jokes on you. You’re all sick. C’mon people, get with it! It’s cool if you take the little ones for a walk or whatever, but please be aware that other people have to leave the house for essential supplies and such while you’re out there fucking it all up. I just had to get that off my chest. Time for a shot.