Who else is sick of loud leaf blowers? (& who was sick of 'em before quarantine living?)
Portland code requires that leaf blowers not exceed 65bBa from March to October (not louder than 70 rest of year). A decibel measuring app (like Decibel X) can check the levels of any blowers intruding on yr tranquility.
(Supposedly the quietest blower brand is Echo- not louder than 65 & lacks high pitch- which makes affordable commercial models)
Don't personally relish trying thread the needle between conversation & confrontation; but blowing waay past legal noise requirements isn't minor. Noise pollution (esp how cumulative in cities) does measurable damage to all of us (most of all to the worker holding the damn thing; esp if lack protection). So maybe if we collectively point to the code requirements that protect us all with a smile, the many area landscaping crews will be moved to ensure are complying.