Cities are laying off on the order. Soon businesses will open. Other cities will follow. That's the American way. Follow. If you're in a corner, all alone, you are strange.
Parks and beaches are opening. Public places opening will escalate under pressure.
Protesters are insisting on getting back to normal. Sorry, but you're wearing a mask in public, you idiot. Things will never be normal again. Why the demanding? Is it so bad to just stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy and find something to occupy your time creatively or productively? Are you that spurned that you'll do the most ridiculous activities to entertain yourselves? And why continue to wear masks if you delegate that it's safe to go to the beach again? I have seen 5 discarded masks on the street in a month. Makes sense, Americans.
Opening up early will only be costly. But pressing city officials to open up is another multitude of dumb and selfish things that people do.