Ants, how the hell? One year they were in the kitchen because I had cats. I'm diligent. I toss food garbage every night. But you know, cat food. So I used glass cleaner and liquid traps where they infiltrated. Threat eliminated. You could see the results of 100s of ants in the traps. Next year, a different spot in the kitchen. Same ideas, more liquid traps. Threat eliminated.
Following year, 1 cat down, 2 cats left. I moved their feeding spot to the living room. Ants crawling on the baseboards. Windex, and the liquid traps started working less and less. This told me ants learn.
Next year, 2 cats down, one cat left. Same feeding spot and every spring, attack of warriors. I could see their trail from the baseboard to the food bowl. Liquid traps no longer work.
The years since, no cats, but I'll see seeker ants on the stove or kitchen, maybe one or few at a time. I literally have no food out. I clean regularly.
Just the other day, in a storage bedroom, connected to the bathroom, there they were. Hundreds of them all along the baseboard around the whole square area. It's a little freaky, like an alien invasion. This also goes back to a psychedelic trip and ants too. I could tell they sense fear by how fast they would crawl sensing danger. They have some heart too as I saw one ant carrying a dead pal. It's a first time between this pandemic and ants, I actually had vengeance and killing as pleasure in my mind. I normally don't. Also, never get stagnant in a room. Always keep active, clean, dust. Also, pet carpet cleaner kills instantly.