If you really have that much of a problem with me, you should say so instead of being a passive aggressive turd.
I think you're smart and interesting, and was just engaging you in conversation. I didn't realize you were seeing me through such a problematic lens. If you take exception to any of my views (which admittedly probably aren't worth much), just say so and move on. Who knows? You might even change my mind. If my personality bothers you so much, I don't understand why you would spend this much time thinking about me. I have very few friends and was actually hoping you'd be cool and want to hang out sometime.
You make more money than me, but still live at home with your parents, despite being a fully grown adult pushing 30. This antisocial attitude of yours speaks to why that might be.
Anyway, fuck off forever. I'm still open to chat at work, but I'm not taking the bait anymore you baby.