I don’t care about you. I don’t care about your dog. I don’t care about your kids. Fuck you and all of your living relatives. None of us have a right to life, and some of us aren’t even allowed six feet of space to lay down in. I stayed in school, away from drugs, and out of prison. I haven’t hurt anybody. There is no assistance for me. No stimulus. No unemployment. I didn’t choose to take up an egregious amount of space and resources by reproducing thoughtlessly and taking ownership of other sentient life. Fuck you and your privileged sense of entitlement. I hope your house burns down and the insurance won’t cover it. I hope your kids resent and hate you as adults. I hope you regret every decision you ever made and every ounce of air you inhaled as you die in your cushy bed someday, aware of your lifelong impotence and ineffectiveness. You take more than I do. So fuck you, fuck your family, and Keep your infectious fucking spawn in your yard and off my sidewalk. Be grateful enough for what you have that you don’t infringe on what I don’t.