I, Anonymous Apr 20, 2020 at 5:20 am



I live in NW and This post made me very sad to read. Sounds like a valid struggle this person is going through even if their anger is misguided. I have noticed a lot of flagrant privilege and entitlement among my neighbors here but they don’t seem malicious.

Then you read the comments and it reminds you that a lot of seemingly well-meaning ppl here are totally devoid of empathy and unable to see beyond their own front door. The top three commenters here should realize they have presumptively assumed the poster’s gender, projected stereotypes and hostility toward a marginalized member of our community, and displayed their own weak skin for having their sensitive lifestyles analyzed on a deeper level than they are willing to look at themselves.

I didn’t agree with the poster’s sentiment, though I did empathize with their pain. The comments push me more toward agreement with the original post. You people are the true sociopaths.

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