I've never understood a pineapple on a pizza. The taste doesn't match either. Or why it's called a stereotypical "Hawaiian" pizza. Pineapple never originated in Hawaii either. Hey, might as well, there's spam pizzas.
How about Chinese broccoli on pizza? Or chicken feet?
Or what about a Panang or Massaman curry pizza sauce?
Masala sauce anyone?
Maybe I'll go for Kiwi this time?
Oooh, mango sounds good as a topping with sausage.
Oh yeah, I'll go with a coconut and ham slice, please?
On second thought, how about we go with a jackfruit and onion pizza?
And a tamarind pepperoni?
Maybe an Oyako Don type pizza with egg?
Do you have sticky rice or rice condiments?
Oh no, kalua pig, please!