I more enjoy it than I don't. First, I would never do anything for work/MONEY if on some level I didn't like, love, or want to do it. I NEED to because "someone" has determined we NEED money to survive. If I could live my live and do mostly everything I'm doing now without money or a paycheck, I would. This being said, not working for over a month, there's also a feeling of I never want to work again, especially the first few weeks. But, this is also more of I don't really care to leave the house again, rather than work again. I could never work at home either because home is for leisure, rest, and sanctuary. Besides my work is physical, working with a team, and for large events. So I definitely miss the physicality and adrenaline. And teamwork is a gratifying and rewarding feeling. A sense of purpose and accomplishment. Before this, I was loving my work life, and on a roll.
So now, I cannot imagine people that don't work 365 days a years, and these people do exist. I imagine what kind of certain prison it must be. How can one resign themselves to that lifestyle by choice and desire? Work doesn't have to be the issue but more so connecting and contributing to a world beyond oneself seems very essential to feeling alive. So I still don't understand the old man smoking a cigarette I'd see every time I pass him by going to work or running an errand. How does one concede to this and surrender all aspirations? I don't feel bad either because for me, they've given up on life and are in essence waiting around to die.
I also never thought I'd ever complain about having too much food.