A few friends will bash the houseless. I call them "friends." They laugh. They'll say, "look at the garbage everywhere!" "Every corner is some sight I'm disgusted by. Tents on my pleasant jogging path. Unbearable smells next to me. Why don't I take them home? Bullying. Shoplifters. Mental illness is the issue, and you're not a psychologist. Drug addiction is an issue, and how are you qualified? Lazy, and if they wanted help, they would pick themselves up. Every homeless I see don't seem to be so unhappy with life, and content sitting there while I work 50 plus hours a week, while they ride some system because Portland is compassionate to this cause. If Portland is so compassionate, why is the problem bigger and bigger? This passive aggressiveness in Portland with putting "one foot in" then walking away, and saying you did your part?" While I'm super stubborn to agree or see their point, and completely a dreamer in my mission, I do see both sides and frustrations. But, I'm here on earth to be like Jesus and feed the hungry. I want to be a Robin Hood to steal from the rich and give to the poor.
Here's where I lashed out, I said screw "first responders, cops, medical workers, drs, nurses, custodians, restaurants, warehouse employees, grocery employees. They get to go home, the ones that do, and self isolate in a house. I don't see them out here volunteering as I am handing out sandwiches that other volunteers made. Some of these volunteers are houseless to begin with, and they're the ones helping more than you self righteous idiots." They were all silent. Immediately, I thought of the first person to pull the race card is the racist. It's tough to be humble.