First of all, Thank you. As a formerly homeless Portland native, I applaud your contribution and am so grateful for it! Please don't ever stop standing up for people whose voice is so tiny, so maligned, so dehumanized. Homeless people face enough hardship and hatred every day. And you're right, it's heartbreaking when someone acts like they're going to help you (or treat you like a person, or actually listen to you), and once the quiz show is over, they strut off with a huff and a "well, they did it to themself". Plenty of homeless people have suffered horrific trauma, illness, violence, financial abuse, etc. And many turn to drugs after being homeless for years ... sleeping on concrete with one eye open (in case someone robs you or assaults you) really hurts. What's even more painful is feeling like your hometown turned its back on you. Even worse is jumping through a million hoops to get housing, medical help, etc. and being treated like a criminal and denied help because you aren't an addict or a veteran, and that's who all the grants are written for. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying those groups have it easy. It's just way more complex than most people think. I think everyone should spend at least 24 hours surviving as a homeless person does. I know what they'll say, but I never thought it could happen to me, either. I had a respected, high paying job. I didn't use drugs or even drink.
We should all try to be more like Jesus.
Thanks again for thinking of the needs of others!

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