Using headlights will help other drivers see you at all times of the day.
Headlights must be turned on from sunset to sunrise. Lights also must
be on at any time conditions make it difficult to see people or vehicles
1,000 feet ahead. It is illegal to drive a vehicle at night or in bad weather with only the
parking lights on. -Oregon DMV driving test booklet.

Just because your car comes with Daytime Running Lights, this means your tail lights don't light up, only your headlights. That makes it really hard to see you from behind in overcast and rain.

Here's a hot tip for driving...
When it isn't bright and sunny out, PHYSICALLY TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHT SWITCH!
If you have a Subaru, chances are, your headlights will shut off when you turn the key off. So you can just turn your headlight switch on and leave it. Try it...most Subarus in the last 30 years, do this.

This city already has some of the worst drivers in the country, could you at least turn your headlights on so I can see you. It makes dodging you and your phone, a little bit easier. most of you should have your license taken away.