Are you dumb? I was exactly thinking the fucking opposite. I cannot imagine how well go back to jam packed buses, where every seat is taken and every standing position is occupied by a body. I've always thought how unsafe that would be anyway if the bus crashed or caught fire. No one would escape in a packed up bus. Ive rather been enjoying my empty bus rides but say 2 to 3 people, except the time two kids came aboard. As usual they have to sit next to one another although there are Do Not Sit signs every 5 feet or so. Of course, they're likely clueless to any pandemic or anything going on in a social/political world. Of course they have to sit in seats closest to me although the bus has only one other passenger. The real listen to be learned here is hygiene is typically filthy when it comes to what is going around. I watched a guy cough into his hands then touch a railing. There it starts.