Did you ever think that maybe city life isn't for you?


It's got nothing to do with "city life" ... I was born here ffs and I'm fed up with people not respecting social distancing, especially in enclosed places.
Many people have been riding MAX and buses while visibly ill with flu or worse. These are the same people who don't wear masks and cough without covering their mouths. These are the same people who disrespectfully and dangerously sit next to you when you and the driver are the only other people on an otherwise empty train.
I am also fed up with people pretending that COVID-19 isn't real, or that it's "no big deal". Everyone is of course, entitled to their beliefs, but I have a right under Oregon law to protect my life when it is threatened. And I refuse to endanger my life to seem like a "city person".
What a lot of transplants don't seem to get is that Portland was never about pretending to be cool before they moved in. We did what we did and we didn't care what anyone thought about it. But 99% of the time, we had love and respect for each other, too. When I was a kid, Oregon was the best place in the entire world ... It's still better than most, but people here are more discourteous, self-righteous, and image-obsessed than ever before.


Amen, lilbear.


You've lived here your whole life and still don't know how to live in a city and protect yourself. It requires assertion sometimes: A concept lost on "native" Portlanders. Put crudely, nut up or shut up, whiner.

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